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Four Row Designer Cuff As Worn By Actresses In Hollywood

Four Row Designer Cuff As Worn By Actresses In Hollywood

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Description: Bold and exclusive one of a kind bracelet cuff design worn by actresses, starlets and movie stars. This fabulous, extra large cuff of textured metal features asymmetrical hand made style cut outs. Let it wrap your arm in its sweet embrace. It's guaranteed to give you the red carpet look. Adorn this cuff with variety of outfits for modeling, date night, parties, clubs, dinner etc. This bracelet is a must-have for any woman, girl, teenager, female who yearns to return to the wild. Cuff bangle is adjustable to fit most sizes. This 4 row cuff bangle is very chic, luxurious and makes a bold fashion statement. 


  • Designed to impress
  • Worn on multiple outfits such as black dress, gowns, skirts, tops
  • Can be worn on both arms


  • Measurements: 4.25" width. Once size fits all


  • Pewter casting with either 24 carat gold plating / Sterling silver plating / Rose gold plating. 

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