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Men's Carbon Fiber and Titanium Magnetic Bracelet

Men's Carbon Fiber and Titanium Magnetic Bracelet

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This men’s magnetic titanium bracelets, can be paired with any slick fashion. Extremely well made with a non diminishing shiny luster, this bracelet is eye catching and makes a perfect wear with all types of wardrobes. This manly and strong image enhancing bracelet allows you stand out among the crowd. The elastic and magnetic mechanics ensure that the bracelet will always fit your wrist size perfectly. Transform yourself into making a bold fashion statement. The bracelet will not corrode, stain or scratch and maintains its shiny luster. Available in multiple colors (blue, red)

- Easy clasping hook mechanism
- Flexibility for size adjustment

- Waterproof and weather proof. Maintains its shine and luster

- Strong bonds holding the bracelet links together

-Adjustable to any wrist size

-Pure titanium with carbon fiber alloy with magnetic clasp.