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Jellyfish Aquarium Lava Lamp & Night Light

Jellyfish Aquarium Lava Lamp & Night Light

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        The most advanced Jellyfish Aquarium features 5 LED color options: Red, Green, Blue, Purple, and Pink. Made of sturdy material with clear glass enclosure, this aquarium allows for perfect visibility to the jelly fish and color hues inside the aquarium. The glass is diffuses the right proportion of ambient light which can be used as a night light or a table stand. Visible from far and near, this is an eye catching piece that is also a conversation starter. Pick the color that matches your home's personality, or let the auto color-switching function do the magic for you!. Create a "Peace of Mind" atmosphere by switching the Aquarium on. Even the most energetic kids will not be able to resist its calming atmosphere. Simply add distilled or tap cold water into the tank, put the jellyfish in, plug it into a USB port or insert 3 AA batteries, and press the ON button. The motor inside the tank will move the jellyfish around in silence. Hours of operations. The jellyfish dances up and down in the aquarium and seems to chase each other. This is an excellent eye catching piece. High-quality packaging ensures that it will make a perfect gift. for birthdays, holidays, and parties.
          Size is 14 inches (36cm)