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Jellyfish Aquarium Lava Lamp & Night Light

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  • The Jellyfish Aquarium features 5 LED color options: Red, Green, Blue, Purple, and Pink. Pick the color that matches your home's personality, or let the auto color-switching function do the magic for you!?
  • Create a "Peace of Mind" atmosphere by switching the Aquarium on. Even the most energetic kids will not be able to resist its calming atmosphere!
  • Simply add distilled or tap cold water into the tank, put the jellyfish in, plug it into a USB port or insert 3 AA batteries, and press the ON button. The motor inside the tank will move the jellyfish around in silence.
  • Hours of operations. The jellyfish dances up and down in the aquarium and seems to chase each other. 
  • This is an excellent eye catching piece
  • High-quality packaging ensures that it will make a perfect gift. for birthdays, holidays, and parties. 
  • Size is 14 inches (36cm)
The Jellyfish Aquarium Lava Lamp & Night Light was built with people like you in mind. Something to keep you happy. Every. Single. Day.

Inventory Last Updated: Dec 06, 2022