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Patio Deck Solar LED Umbrella with Strong Base

Patio Deck Solar LED Umbrella with Strong Base

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Description: Perfect 10' ft size patio deck garden umbrella for those hot and sunny days with UV protection and water repellant. The umbrella comes with solar powered highly efficient LED lights to build the perfect look and ambience. The umbrella canopy is made of highly durable Sunbrella fabric that is resistant to water, moisture and sun damage. The umbrella rods and metal frames are fiberglass which is highly flexible and will not break or splinter in severe weather or windy conditions. The umbrella is 30% lighter and four times more durable than other models. Enjoy a great looking patio umbrella with adequate sun coverage for parties. The solar lights charge during the day and light up during the night automatically to provide adequate lighting to create soothing and enjoyable evenings. 

- Fiberglass reinforced ribs and poles
- Sunbrella fabric
- Diameter: 10 ft by 8.4 ft

- Hanging Umbrella With Crank
- Strong heavy base to provide stability even in windiest of conditions
- 8 firm ribs to to support the canopy
- Easy Tilt Operation, Hand-Crank Lift
- UV Protective And Water Repellant

- 1 x 10ft umbrella 

- 24 solar LED lights with solar panel