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Outdoor Backyard Patio Fire Pit With Mesh Screen Lid & Accessories

Outdoor Backyard Patio Fire Pit With Mesh Screen Lid & Accessories

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This wood burning outdoor square fire pit is constructed of heavy duty iron and frame. The garden stove brazier and fire pit is square in shape for highest level of stability. The fire pit comes with a mesh lid to prevent burning embers blowing out of the pit. It also comes with a poker to stroke fire and remove the mesh lid safely. Designed by professional engineers, the fire pit is sturdy, ergonomically designed and extremely easy to operate. Can be used in any open space, backyard, patio, garden, lawn etc. Extremely portable from one place to another.

- Weight: 25.35 lbs / 11.5 kg
- Overall Dimensions: (32 x 32 x 17)" / (82 x 82 x 44)cm (L x W x H)
- Bowl Dimensions: (21 x 21 x 5)" / (54 x 54 x 13)cm (L x W x H)

- Black color
- Highest quality of construction
- Made of heavy duty iron galvanized to prevent rusting
- Thick gauge iron metal sheets bent to shape rather than joined
- Very stylish and complete with intricate design on the edge of the fire pit
- All around mesh
- Top cover fine iron mesh to protect from embers blowing out
- Base of fire pit has very small holes for good air circulation
- Easy to assemble, clean and store

- Heavy duty galvanized iron used throughout in constructing fire pit and all accessories
- 6 mm guage

Package includes:
- 1 x Metal Fire Pit
- 1 x Mesh Screen Lid
- 1 x Poker
- 1 x Instruction for self assembly