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Nordic Style Handmade Wooden Lapland Finnish Kuksa Beverage Mug

Nordic Style Handmade Wooden Lapland Finnish Kuksa Beverage Mug

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Nordic Finland's famous Kuksa beverage mug is a wooden cup that has almost sacred status among traditional hikers, campers, bushcrafters, fell-goers and so on. The saying goes something like this way, that every self-respecting outdoorsman should craft their Kuksa by themselves and that the only acceptable material for kuksa should be birch burl. Buy the original and avoid imitation Kuksa mugs made from other wood types. The birch tree kuksa cups have symmetrical wood grains and the cup is made from one piece of wood. 


  • Oval shape with smooth edges with finger holes and rope
  • Eco-Friendly, strong, sturdy and light weight. 
  • Handles are natural extension built in the cup and not attached separately
  • Comes in two styles
  • This mug is the real mug and is not made of any timber or wood
  • Handmade and polished


  • Original birch burl woods from Nordic forests. Special birch tree wood has been used for the unique tone color, texture and light weight yet very sturdy feel to the cups.
  • Carefully crafted to get natural wood grains on the cups.
  • Carefully cut portion of the initial block of wood is hand chiseled to avoid any breaks in the wood structure. 

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