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Shipping Policies

Shipping is processed within 2 hours of receiving your order.

Most deliveries are performed within 1-10 days since order is placed. However, delivery time can vary by products. 

For imported items delivery times can range from 1 - 3 weeks

We provide tracking number and ability to track your orders as soon as it is shipped from our worldwide fulfillment centers. We keep you updated at every step of the delivery process through our automated notification system.

Our fulfillment centers are in USA, China, Germany, Thailand, India, Indonesia. We are continuing to add fulfillment centers to bring you products at fastest possible time.  

Our aim is to provide you with the most accurate information so that you can make informed decision before buying our products. Our goal is to provide fastest and most economical free shipping possible for the benefits of our customers. Please note that since we source and curate products from around the globe, shipping times are dependent on the location from which the products are shipped. It is also dependent on the current covid-19 pandemic and disruption caused by limited operations of many logistics companies and shipping lines.