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Retractable Windshield UV & Heat Resistant Sun Visor

Retractable Windshield UV & Heat Resistant Sun Visor

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Material:Aluminum foil

  • The two-line box 65CM is suitable for the front of the car, the double-line box 70CM is suitable for the front-end of the off-road vehicle, the double-line box 80CM is suitable for the front gear of the truck, the compact car is suitable for the single-line box 65CM, and the single-line box 46M is suitable for the rear block.
  • The suction cup has a large suction force and is equipped with a hook suction cup, which is not easy to fall.
  • Retractable sun block, support cutting, sun protection, heat insulation.
  • Use high-quality aluminum foil, sunscreen insulation sunshade, shade.

As picture shown below
Front windshield sunshade:46x150cm, 65x150cm, 70x150cm, 80x200cm
Side window sunshade:60x46cm
Package contains:Car sunshade*1pcs


Color: As picture show

Size: 46cm/65cm/70cm/80cm

Package contains: car sunshade curtain*1pcs 

46cm: For Rear Window

65cm: For Compact Car

70cm: For Midsize Sendan, SUV, MPV

80cm: For Truck




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