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Portable Car RV Refrigerator For Camping Road Trips

Portable Car RV Refrigerator For Camping Road Trips

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Description: Extremely efficient and strong performance portable refrigerator for your car, RV for keeping your food fresh and drinks cold on those long trips, vacation, camping, glamping, caravan road travel or any other outdoor adventure. This refrigerator is portable with wheels and is dual volt powered with 12V / 24V DC or 110V / 220V AC inputs. You can use this refrigerator to operate with regular power as well as operate with inputs form car or RV. Comes in 60L, 50L and 36L size large enough to store multiple bottles, cans, fresh groceries, butter, eggs, meat and other food supplies. It is highly efficient in its functioning and can easily operate even off solar chargers delivering 12V / 24 V DC outputs. This is great for the refrigerator to work 24 by 7 when you are camping or taking rest.

- Large capacity with removable divider to operate the fridge either as a large single zone or two smaller zones, with the ability to independently control the temperature of each zone.
- Dual fridge and freezer zone. Freezer zone can be used to store ice or freeze food or both
- Self intuitive LCD screen with touch controls to set temperatures for different section. The LCD screen also indicates battery voltage
- Sensors in each zone to self adjust temperature.
- Highly efficient DC compressor and AC to DC conversion module
- 3 Stage low voltage battery protection with automatic warning sensors for low battery
- Handle and wheels for extreme portability
- Energy conservation option to turn off the left compartment by pressing button for 3 seconds
- Electronic thermostat, low voltage protection / electronic fuse, automatic reverse polarity protection. Silent operation, low noise less than 40DB
- 1 year money back guarantee

- Capacity: 60L / 50L / 36L
- Power inputs: 12V / 24V DC or 110V / 220V AC. Just plug it in your car RV or plug it in any available AC receptacles
- Solar Power Inputs: Can operate safely on any solar power source 300W / 5A DC inputs
- Temperature: -20°C and +20°C. Settings can allow left or right section to be up to 15°C colder than the chiller section
- 10 hour cooling after power is turned off.
- Outputs: USB ports to help power any USB devices such as phones, lights, tablets, iphone, ipads etc.
- Refrigerant: R134a Refrigerant. Same as car RV refrigerant easily available in any auto store
- Power consumption: 0.2 KW in 24 hours. Can run 24 hours on a fully charged 200W solar charger
- Continuous power usage: 45W. Same as a 40W bulb

- Multi layer durable hard shell EPA plastic with vacuum to ensure maintaining of inside temperature
- Strong high performance compressor made with aluminum and copper allow for most energy efficient operations. Tubing is made from copper for higher ductility and quick transmission of cooling power
- Sturdy construction
- All metal parts are rust proof
- Strong wheels
- High performance compressor