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Vehicle Collision Laser Warning Light During Poor Vibility Rainy & Snowy Days

Vehicle Collision Laser Warning Light During Poor Vibility Rainy & Snowy Days

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Product Features:

A very unique product which when installed in the rear of your vehicle will throw a marker line light  behind your vehicle on the road at a safe distance 

Use it to warn vehicles in the back so that they can maintain safe distance in bad weather and poor visibility conditions to avoid traffic accident when driving in the rain, fog and snow weather.

  • Project the red warning light on the ground. Effectively prevent the occurrence of traffic accidents.
  • Easy to warn vehicles behind you to pay quicker attention and avoid collision or rear ending in fog, rain, snow or any inclement weather. The product can make the driver drive farther and more effectively to warn the rear vehicle not to get too close to avoid traffic accidents
  • Very low power usage yet bright light that can be seen and noticed from far. 
  • Provide a more clear position of your vehicle, car in night driving including turning
  • Use the light marking indicator to help you reverse and back up your vehicle and avoid bumping into rear objects. 


1. Do not look directly at the light

2. Do not shield the plate when installed.

3. The product is only used for cars, trucks or motorcycles with voltage of 12V-24V.

How to Install it:

1) Connect the wire with the Reverse Light/ Parking Light/ Brake Light/ Plate Lamp Wire.

2) Use the 3M Sticker(Inside the package) to fix the laser light,you can decide which part would you like to choose.