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See Through Sun Visor For Vehicles

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  • Stop the dazzling and glare of the headlights or sunlight. Protects your eyes from harmful lights including ultraviolet rays and operate your vehicle with safety. Product engineered to mimic the sun visor in Tesla automobiles. Designed to provide your full vision while protecting your eyes from UV rays and harsh sunlight.
  • Anti-glare Car Visor filters harmful UV lights and soften the light source, it significantly improve your visual comfort while driving. It can filter out 90% of harmful rays and improving your vision during the day and night.
  • Easy-To-Go: Easy to install, just clip it onto your overhead visor and easily adjust its position.
  • Open and Close Flexibly: The visor can be adjusted by rotating 180 degree to accommodate your needs which is easy to open and close it.
  • Anti-Fingerprints: The visor is made from high quality materials, so it is not easy to leave fingerprints and it can remain clean for a long time. Should you need to clean it for any reasons then just wipe it with a soft cloth or use wet towel to wipe it clean. 
  • Get uber cool upscale luxury feature available in vehicles like Tesla at fraction of cost with same functionality
  • Ergonomic design allows you to fold the visor when not in use and it can fit most vehicles. No need to take down your existing OEM visors. See through Visor attaches to the existing shades in any vehicle.


The See Through Sun Visor For Vehicles is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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