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Retro Japanese Frosted Texture Ceramic Tableware Set

Retro Japanese Frosted Texture Ceramic Tableware Set

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This traditional Japanese ceramic dining set will sure to increase the versatility of your dining table. Made of high-quality Japanese ceramic that is ideal for daily use and easy to maintain. With its exclusively dark colors, this dining set will impress your dinner guest on all your special occasions. Order now to enjoy your authentic Japanese meals in true style.


  • Rustic frosted texture
  • Simple gradient colored ceramics
  • Unique handmade shape and touch
  • Elegant design
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe


  • High-quality Japanese ceramic
  • Smooth and clear outer glaze in frosted ice crack texture


  • Small bowl: 11.3cm diameter, 6.3cm height
  • Medium bowl: 20cm diameter, 8.3cm height
  • Large bowl: 23cm diameter, 7.2cm height
  • Deep plate: 18.5cm diameter, 4.5cm height
  • Wooden chopsticks: 25cm length
  • Round plate: 20.2cm diameter, 2.1cm height
  • Rectangular plate: 28cm length, 11cm width
  • Spoon: 13.5cm length, 3.7cm width
  • Square-cornered small dish: 8cm diameter, 2.8cm height
  • Chopsticks holder: 4.3cm length, 4cm width

Package includes based on which set you buy:

  • Set A (for 2 pax): 2*small bowls, 1*medium bowl, 1*deep plate, 2*chopsticks pairs, 2*round plates, 2*spoons, 2*dish, 2*chopsticks holders
  • Set B (for 4 pax): 4*small bowls, 2*medium bowls, 1*deep plate, 4*chopsticks pairs, 2*round plates, 4*spoons, 4*dish, 4*chopsticks holders
  • Set C (for 6 pax): 6*small bowls, 1*medium bowl, 2*large bowls, 2*deep plates, 6*chopstick pairs, 2*round plates, 1*rectangular plate, 6*spoons, 6*chopsticks holders
  • Set D: Individual pieces