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Lotus Ceramic Bowl Fruit Plate Sets

Lotus Ceramic Bowl Fruit Plate Sets

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Shaped by taking cues from the Orient, these high-grade ceramic Hana lotus bowls are a unique way to serve food and surprise guests. Exquisite flowing shapes finished off with quality glaze in varying colors make for an inspiring and varied set no matter which combination you choose.

Delicately crafted from high-quality ceramic, these sets boast stackable plates in a beautiful calming palette, resembling the graceful lotus flower. Perfect for serving fruits, snacks, salads, or sauces. Use it for the display of jewelry, sundries, desserts, and entertaining guests.


  • Non-slip bowl bottom
  • Not microwave safe
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Matte frosted texture
  • Water absorbent
  • Attractive design
  • Space-saving nesting design


  • High-quality, water-absorbent, scratch-resistant ceramic
  • A handmade color glaze finish


  • Length 7.8cm 10.3cm 12.5cm 15.7cm 17.5cm
  • Width 7.8cm 10cm 12cm 14.1cm 16.5cm
  • Height 8.6cm 8.3cm 8.5cm 8cm 8cm

Package Contents;

  • 3 Pc set - set of 3 bowls
  • 4 pc set - set of 4 bowls
  • 5 pc set - set of 5 bowls


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