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Golf Rangefinder Telescope

Golf Rangefinder Telescope

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Very versatile and useful, sophisticated golf, hunting rangefinder, telescope. Impressive range to 600 meters (more than half kilometers) or 658 yards. 
Clearly see the golf pin flag from farthest of distances. Accurate measurement even in windy and poor light conditions. 
Comes with inbuilt stability controls give accurate measurement to flag distance even in shaky conditions or with cluttered background, building, trees, shrubs etc. 
  • Premium Features: The laser rangefinder was designed with TOF (time of flight) Technology for providing multi-function golf slope adjustment, golf trajectory visualization, flag-lock( scanning), speed, distance, angle measurement etc. It allows you to use its angle slope compensation system to provide the accurate angel-compensated distance for uphill and downhill shot, Flagpole Lock(scanning), distance/angle/speed measurement; Speed Measuring Range is 18 ~ 300km/h; Perfect rangefinder for Golf, hunting, engineering measurements and outdoor activities, suitable for outdoor long-distance measurement. It can also switch fast between meters and yards measurements. 
  • Reliable Accuracy: the range finder can measure up to longer distance of 656yard/600m, 6X magnification making the image of the object clearer and more true. Very accurate measurement of distance to ±0.5 yards gives you the most accurate distance measurement. Golf rangefinders laser Accuracy can reach up to:±0.5M/0.55yard (other rangefinders can only reach to ±1yard), measures up to 600m/660yard, 6X magnification, provides dioptre adjustment (±5D) and 7 degree field angle with coated lens to give you clearer and accurate measurement, perfect for measuring golf flags, hazards and wooded areas. Fast Target lock Technology of the Rangefinder golf can quickly scan and lock the nearest target range accuracy with flagpole scan and slope compensation, which gives golfer accurate yardage to the flagpole; Flagpole locking up to 400 yards
  • Outstanding ergonomic design: design and durable body(4.3*2.5*1.5 inch), Lightweight (6 ounce) is suitable for carrying while playing golf, mountaineering, hunting or doing outdoor activities without extra weight or bulk. It comes with a premium carrying pouch with hook; EASY TO USE: mode button to switch the mode and measurement button to measure to get the data accordingly
  • Watch Target Clearly: Portable Lens display, it can clearly display distance, angle and speed and battery meter, ± 5D combine with adjustable eyepiece, it allows people who are nearsighted or farsighted to see the target clearly without wearing glasses, 7° field of view; Adjustable lens focus on the eyepiece. 
  • SAFETY: This range finder is a Class 1 with wave length 905nm and eye safety certificated with FDA(CFR21). Laser product with <0.5mW average power output. Featuring IP65 rating ensures water/dust resistance. 
  • Uses CrV-2 battery for long lasting performance. Optimized to work longer than most other rangefinders.

Measurement Accuracy:+-0.5M
Power Type:Battery-Powered




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