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108 Bodhi Seed Beads Tibetan Hindu Meditation Prayer Mala Chain

108 Bodhi Seed Beads Tibetan Hindu Meditation Prayer Mala Chain

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Take a look at this beautiful strand of Mala beads made from the highly prized bodhi seeds. Also knows as Rudraksha Mala (in Hinduism), The Bodhi Lotus seeds chains or bracelets are valued in Southeast Asian culture as a symbol of spiritual power and knowledge. The seeds are much revered and held sacred. The mala chain or bracelet is used to recite prayers and repetition is tracked through moving the beads in your hands. There is a master or guru beads to indicate the start of the 108 beads count. Becoming more difficult to find, this Mala is the one unique gift for your beloved friends and family interested in spirituality. Use them to send your best wishes to your loved ones. 


  • Traditional Tibetan bodhi seeds made into Mala.
  • The seeds have a special significance to all seekers of divine wisdom. 
  • Used in prayers and other meditational activities.


  • Finest quality Tibetan bodhi seeds specially treated with Tibetan ghee oil or rarefied butter for a glossy and timeless finish.
  • Strong unbreakable thread


  • 11-12mm beads, 80cm length Mala


  • 108 bodhi seeds beads per strand + 1 guru or main bead